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Is your dog a Spa Dog? August 14, 2010

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Changing Dogs Lives one Bath at a Time with all Natural Pet Care Solutions

  • Enjoy a healthy pet and healthy home. That’s the Spa Dog Naturals difference.
  • Natural ingredients are naturally healthy. We keep your dog clean and green with shampoos and conditioners crafted from non- toxic botanicals that won’t harm your dog, your family or the environment.
  • Daily hygiene products like our canine natural breath freshener that minimize doggy bad breath and essential oil sprays that help your pet and are good for your home.
  • Pests won’t bug you, or your dog. Tick off fleas with our natural insect and flea repellants. Safe alternatives that prevent your pup from getting bugged.
  • Made in the U.S.A. so we keep a close eye on our entire production and manufacture process, using only the highest quality essential plant, herb, flower and fruit oils.

    Is your dog a Spa Dog?  All of our Natural Dog Shampoos, Canine Conditioners, Topical Body Sprays and Daily Hygiene Products are formulated with essential oils from herbs, flowers and fruit. Nature based products are gentle, green, and most important effective.  Not only will your pup smell and look wonderful, our products will help keep skin, coat, breath and ears healthy while helping you to keep your home dander free. Having a pet offers many health benefits to you and your family. The love of a healthy dog is contagious and wagging tails spread smiles. Put your best friend in doggy nirvana with a dog bath using our line of botanical pet products.

     We’re so confident that you’ll love how Spa Dog Natural’s products make you and your pup feel that we back them with a 30 day guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply return the unused portion and we will simply refund your money. Now that is the Spa Dog Natural’s difference!

    Stop by Zen Dog Pet Boutique for a sniff of this all natural non- toxic botanical that won’t harm your dog, your family or the environment.  We keep your dog clean and green!  More info about product line go to http://spadogbotanicals.com   A Spa Dog is a Clean Dog!


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