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Puppy Mills BITE! January 24, 2011

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So what is a Puppy Mill, anyway?

When we see that wee fluffball through the glass of the pet store display unit, it’s natural to want to reach for the wallet. But it’s our responsibility to know where that puppy came from, and who is on the receiving end of that price tag. More often than not, the starting point for these puppies’ lives are deplorable makeshift warehouses called “Puppy Mills”. And while it’s a sad start to any puppy’s life, it’s a sadder situation still for the breeding dogs left behind. 

That’s why $5 from every PuppyMillsBite tee goes to Best Friends’ Animal Society’s Puppies Aren’t Products campaign. 


What can you do?

Best Friends' Animal Society's Puppies Aren't Products <!–


Spread the word. Spread the love. Spread the Fleas.

Know a DogMom who is not only crazy about dogs, but crazy about ridiculously hot-looking 100% cotton tees made in support of animal rescue? Forward her http://www.FleasPlease.com


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