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About how COOL we are! January 27, 2009


Does your Great Dane practice the “Lotus Position”? Are your Chihuahua’s toys “Feng Shui”? Has mittens turned the litter box into a Zen Garden?

The pup stops here! From Schnauzers to Siamese, furry friends are sniffing, prancing and sprinting to Zen Dog Pet Boutique in the North Platte neighborhood.

Feel the zen like environment of brilliant colors, enchanting products and a mantra of good taste.  This is more than a pet store, but nothing short of “dog”ma!  Providing one of the most comprehensive, upscale, edgy, purposeful and playful collections for the family pet.

A color palette that breathes new life into pets and their well behaved humans provides a backdrop to the selection of  creature comforts.  Organic pet food, healthy treats, aroma-therapies and many other desired pet paraphernalia abound while an eclectic collection of local doggie art provides comic relief. 

Only products with integrity and social conscious motives pass this threshold. Many of the products are locally made. Customers enjoy interaction with the staff as they enlighten and educate pet lovers on the benefits of their integrity driven merchandise.  If you are into heavy petting and chasing tail woof it over to Zen Dog Pet Boutique located at 2401 15th St. Ste. 180 (enter on Platte St)  303.744.7067  (www.zendogpetboutique.com)  Its “Karma” for your Cat and Dog!   We are open 7 days a week Monday-Friday 11:00-6:00 and Saturday-Sunday 11:00-5:00.


2 Responses to “About how COOL we are!”

  1. Debbie Says:

    I saw your posting on the Dean’s list about the labs — I
    don’t see prices, photos, etc.??? I’d like more info.

  2. helene Says:

    this is a bit late, but i just want to drop a quick note and say that you are AMAZING! thanks for taking my “2-minutes before closing” call and arranging for the dog food pick up! gracie and little thank you for not having to go hungry… 🙂


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